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Nearby Stores

Discover nearby stores and takeout options.

Pickup & Drop

Choose between picking up your order or having it delivered to your door.

Login with OTP

Sign in quickly and securely using your phone number.

Custom HTML

Customize your storefront with unique HTML code.

Featured Badge

Highlight top-rated stores and menu items with a special badge.

Store Page

Store Menu

Browse menus from your favorite local Stores..

Favorite Stores

Keep a list of your go-to spots for easy ordering.

Store Scheduling

Know when your favorite stores are open and plan accordingly.

Store Sorting

Sort stores by distance, popularity, and more.

Share Store

Share your favorite stores with friends and family.

Profile Management

Multiple Delivery Address

Save multiple addresses for easy ordering from home, work, and more.

FAQ Section

Get answers to common questions about ordering and delivery.


Contact customer support for help with your order.

Stylish Avatars

Choose a fun avatar to represent your user account.


Keep your payment information stored securely for fast and easy checkout.

Place Order

Add Products

Add new products to your store's menu.

Select Choices of Products

Customize your order with a variety of options and add-ons.

Search Products by Title

Quickly find the items you're looking for.

Delivery | Self-pickup

Choose how you want to receive your order.

Order Scheduling

Schedule your order for a specific date and time.

Cart with Payment Summary

See a summary of your order and payment information before checking out.

Checkout Page with Details

Review your order and delivery details before submitting your payment.

Choose Payment Method

Select your preferred payment method for each order.

Apply Coupon

Enter a coupon code to save money on your order.

Order History

Order List

View a history of your past orders.

Order Details

See the details of each individual order.

Cancel Order

Cancel an order if necessary.

Order Tracking

Track the progress of your order from the store to your doorstep.

Rating & Review

Rate and review your experiences with stores and menu items.


Promo Sliders

See current promotions and deals on the home page.

Push Notifications

Receive notifications on your phone about order updates and promotions.


Get alerted when your order is on its way or has been delivered.

Store Category Sliders

Browse different categories of stores and menu items with easy-to-use sliders.

Admin App


Recent Orders

View a list of the most recent orders placed by customers.

Push Notification

Send push notifications to customers, riders, and stores.

New Signups

Keep track of new users who sign up for your app or service.

Wallet Transactions

Monitor all transactions made using the wallet feature.

Goal Tracker

Set and track goals for your business, such as order volume or revenue targets.

Sale Comparison

Compare your sales data across different periods to monitor growth and identify trends.le

Latest Reviews

See the most recent customer reviews and ratings.


Add notes to orders, customers, or stores to keep track of important information.

Zone based Dashboard View

View dashboard data organized by geographic zones.

See What's New

Stay up-to-date on the latest app features and updates.

Stores Management

Store List

View a list of all registered stores.

Filter and Sort-by

Easily filter and sort your data to find what you need.

Add Store

Add new stores to your app or service.

Store Order

View and manage orders for each individual store.

Operational Areas

Define and manage operational areas for your business.

Bulk Import

Import data in bulk, such as store or menu information.

Sort Stores

Organize your store data by name, location, or other relevant metrics.

Store Scheduling

Set and manage store schedules for open and closed times.

Commission Scheme

Commission Scheme: Set commission rates based on the store's menu prices.

Dynamic Delivery Charge

Set delivery charges based on fixed or dynamic pricing.

Free Delivery above subtotal

Offer free delivery for orders above a certain subtotal.

Auto Accept Order

Automatically accept orders for delivery without manual intervention.

Sort Menu Categories

Organize your menu data by category.

Sort Items

Organize your menu items by name, price, or other relevant metrics.

Export as CSV

Export data in CSV format for analysis or manipulation in external tools.

Items Management

Item Attributes

Add custom attributes to menu items, such as ingredients or preparation instructions.

Discounted Price

Offer discounts on menu items or orders.

Custom Item Tax

Set custom tax rates for specific menu items.


Indicate whether menu items are vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or neither.

Export as CSV

Export data in CSV format for analysis or manipulation in external tools.

User Management

Add Users

Add new users to your app or service.

User List

View a list of all registered users.

Sort By

Organize user data by name, location, or other relevant metrics.

User Details

See detailed information about individual users, including order history and address information.


Manage user orders and addresses.

Custom Role & Permissions

Define custom roles and permissions for users in your app or service.

Order Management

Order List

View and manage all orders placed by customers.

Live Order

See a real-time view of orders as they are being prepared and delivered.

Filters and Sort-by

Easily filter and sort your order data to find what you need.

Order Details

See detailed information about individual orders, including customer information and order items.

Cancel Order

Cancel orders that cannot be fulfilled.

Call and Order Module

Allow customers to place orders over the phone or via call center.

Order Invoice

Generate and send invoices for orders.

Order Notes

Add notes to orders to keep track of important information.

Delivery Fleet Management

Rider Details

View and manage details for all delivery riders.


Set and manage rider availability.

New Order SMS

Receive SMS notifications when new orders are placed.

Commission Rate

Set and manage commission rates for delivery riders.

Tip Commission Rate

Set and manage the commission rate for rider tips

Pickup & Drop Management


View and manage lists of various data within the system

Filter and Sort-by

Easily filter and sort data based on different criteria

Task Details

View and manage details of assigned tasks for riders

Cancel Task

Cancel and reassign tasks as needed

Track Rider

Monitor and track the location of delivery riders in real-time


Promo Sliders

Create and manage promotional sliders for the app

Store Category Slider

Manage and update store category sliders


Create and manage coupons for users


Manage and update static pages within the app

Send Push Notifications

Send targeted push notifications to users


Store Payouts

Manage payouts for stores

Delivery Collections

Track collections from deliveries

Delivery Collection Logs

Access logs of delivery collections

Wallet Transactions

View and manage all transactions related to user wallets


Store Performance Report

Analyze store performance based on different metrics

Store Balance Report

View and manage store balances and payouts

Store Wise Order Report

Generate reports on store-wise orders

Delivery Guy Earning Report

Generate reports on delivery guy earnings

Customer Performance Report

Analyze customer behavior and performance

Admin Earning Report

View and manage earnings of the admin

Payment Method Report

Generate reports on payment method usage

Tax Export

Export tax data for easy management


Basic Settings

Manage basic settings for the app

Content Settings

Manage and update content within the app

Analytics Settings

Configure and manage analytics settings

Custom CSS

Customize the app's appearance with custom CSS

Payment gateways

Manage and configure payment gateway settings.

Store App

Order Flow Management


View incoming orders that need to be prepared.


Keep track of orders that are being prepared for pickup or delivery.


Monitor orders that are currently being delivered to customers.


Easily identify orders that have been marked for self-pickup.

Past Orders Management


View a list of all past orders in one place.

Order Details

See the details of each individual order, including customer information and order items.


Quickly find specific orders or customers using the search feature.


Store On/Off

Control when your store is available for orders.


View and respond to customer ratings and reviews.


Provide customers with answers to frequently asked questions.


Contact customer support for assistance with orders or app issues.


Order Notification

Receive push notifications when a new order is placed.


Send text message notifications to customers about their order status.


Printer Settings

Set up your printer to print order receipts and other important information.

Notification Tone

Choose a custom notification tone for order updates and alerts.

Delivery Partner

Order Flow

New Orders

View new orders that need to be delivered.

Accepted Orders

Keep track of orders that you've accepted for delivery.

Picked-Up Orders

See orders that you've already picked up and are in the process of delivering.

Account Page


Set your availability to receive new orders.

Dark/Light Mode

Switch between dark and light mode for optimal viewing in different environments.


View ratings and reviews from customers for your deliveries.


Last 7 Days Earning Chart

See a visual representation of your earnings over the past 7 days.


Keep track of your earnings from deliveries.

Floating Cash (COD In-Hand)

Keep track of cash payments received from customers for cash-on-delivery orders.


Push Notification Alert

Receive push notifications when a new order is available for delivery.

New Order SMS Alert

Receive text message notifications when a new order is available for delivery.