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Foodomaa makes it easy for pharmacy owners to onboard multiple Pharmacy stores, take orders from customers and manage the delivery of those orders.

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Create a new Pharmacy business, manage your deliveries and take orders from customers with our cloud-based software.

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Enter your business email and password to login to the Foodomaa platform.

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Add your Pharmacy stores by entering the store name, address, and contact information.

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Once your stores and items are added, you can start taking orders from customers and managing the delivery of orders.

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Simplify your medicine delivery business with Foodomaa

Foodomaa offers four different apps for its users: Admin Control Panel, Customer App, Store Partner App, and Delivery Partner App. These apps are designed to help entrepreneurs start and manage their multi-vendor hyperlocal businesses with their custom branding.

Admin Control Panel Admin Control Panel

Dashboard for managing the entire platform including stores, products, orders, and users.

Customer Mobile App Customer Mobile App

Mobile app for customers to browse and order products from local stores.

Store Partner App Store Partner App

Mobile app for store partners to manage their store profile, products, and orders.

Delivery Partner App Delivery Partner App

Mobile app for delivery partners to accept and deliver orders from stores to customers.

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Transparent Pricing for You


$49 / per month

For startups that are taking their game to the next level

  • Everything in Starter
  • Store Partner Android App
  • Delivery Partner Android App
  • Customer UI Customisation
  • Transaction Fee 1%


$199 / per month

For businesses with high-volume sales and need custom integrations on demand

  • Everything in Grow
  • Admin UI Customisation
  • 15 Staff Account
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority customer support
  • Transaction Fee 0.5%

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Simplify your hyperlocal delivery with Foodomaa

Foodomaa is a SaaS platform that simplifies hyperlocal delivery business for entrepreneurs to onboard multiple Pharmacy stores, take orders from customers, and manage the delivery of orders.


Global customers Global customers

We've helped companies all across the Globe


Orders Orders

We process 6 million Delivery orders in a month


Member Active Community Member Active Community

We have a community of 4000 like-minded entrepreneurs


Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction

We're proud of our 5-star rating with over 100 reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Foodomaa offers a multi-vendor hyperlocal eCommerce platform for Pharmacy businesses, which includes an admin control panel, customer app, store partner app, and delivery partner app. These apps streamline the process of setting up and managing an online store, connecting with local customers, and providing hyperlocal delivery services for Pharmacy businesses.

Foodomaa makes it easy for entrepreneurs to onboard multiple Pharmacy stores. All you have to do is fill out the required business information and click the “Create Store” button. You will be able to see all the on-boarded stores side-by-side in an easily navigable dashboard. From there, you will be able to manage orders, view store details, and track delivery progress with real-time updates.

Absolutely! Foodomaa is a comprehensive hyperlocal delivery platform for businesses, enabling customers to place orders quickly and conveniently. In addition to that, it's easy to set up multiple stores on the platform and manage orders from one central dashboard. So go ahead and start optimizing your multi-vendor delivery business with Foodomaa!

Absolutely! With Foodomaa, you have complete visibility into your delivery progress. You can track your orders in real time by monitoring the live GPS location of your delivery agents. You can also get notifications on the status of your orders, and receive instant updates when an order is delivered to the customer.

Absolutely! Foodomaa is the perfect solution for multi-vendor delivery businesses. Our platform provides advanced features to manage multiple pharmacy stores, take orders from customers, and easily manage the delivery of orders. Thanks to Foodomaa's comprehensive suite of tools, running a successful hyperlocal delivery business has never been easier.

Foodomaa provides many benefits for hyperlocal delivery businesses. Our platform simplifies the onboarding process for multiple Pharmacy stores, allowing you to quickly and easily take orders from customers across different locations. Additionally, we provide a powerful set of tools that makes it easy to manage your delivery operations, track your orders in real-time, and measure performance with comprehensive analytics. With Foodomaa, you can streamline your business operations and increase efficiency for hyperlocal deliveries.

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Foodomaa is the software solution to hyperlocal pharmacies. Set up in minutes, it simplifies all the needs of pharmacy entrepreneurs.